How to get the look: Totally tropical


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Sounds like a new take on the 'cruise' collection

Well there's certainly a soupçon of summer-holiday spirit here. I mean, fashion loves a dark subtext, but it's equally happy with a very literal visual reference that's as frothy as a piña colada. Hence the profusion of pineapples splashed across clothes and accessories as we head towards summer.

Tasty. Sounds pretty 1980s

The brasher end of the trend – emblazoned oversize tees, big earrings – has a bit of a Cocktail feel that would go well with a scrunchie, a pair of bikini bottoms and a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic.

Well, that's my holiday wardrobe sorted for St Ives. Suggestions for interpreting the trend chez moi?

These pineapple-print chinos (above, £79, are bold in print but subtle in pineapple – they look a bit more abstract from afar – and are perfect for injecting a bit of fruity humour into your casual everyday-wear.

And if we're avoiding drawing attention to our derrière?

For an easy toe-dip into this trend, try Hush's sweet, sketchy black-and-white pineapple-print tee (£30, Pineapple-style hairdo, also popular these days, optional.