How to get the look: Travelling light


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Are you trying to sell me a Ryanair-approved cabin bag?

It's too early for mini-break season so we're thinking more about everyday portage right now. But it's true that there is a certain dinkiness to many of spring's accessories.

Oh dear; I'm more of a bottomless tote kinda gal.

So are we. But the joy of downsizing – and the realisation that you don't need the past 12 months' train tickets, two hairbrushes and a half-drunk bottle of water constantly at hand – are not to be underestimated.

OK. But I still want a shoulder strap. No silly clutches!

Your hands will retain their liberty with this two-tone camera bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, which is pleasingly diminutive while comfortably accommodating daytime essentials, possibly including a camera – unless you're into telephoto lenses (£165,, above).

Cute. Prices don't go down much with dimensions, do they?

Not if there is still room to print a designer's name, unfortunately. But we also like Accessorize's black leather zip bucket bag (£49,, which is a touch roomier without reverting to back-crippling proportions. Plus, you'll have enough cash left over for the inevitable "overflow" canvas shopper for those hairbrushes and train tickets.