This loose-fit wrap from Ganni is sleek and chic


Bit mumsy, no?

Yes, pretty literally, since the wrap is a fave for anyone who needs a few more inches out of a garment. Maybe you're pregnant, maybe you recently gave birth. Maybe you ate too many Creme Eggs and now people think you're pregnant or recently gave birth. In all cases, the wrap dress will accommodate. Nay, it will "skim" and "flatter", says popular style wisdom.

Will it really?

No. It will stretch, though, so no worries about popped buttons or split seams. It's basically the most middlebrow elasticated waistband you could ever hope to find.

Is this supposed to sound appealing?

No, that's where a bit of tailored wrap-age comes in. Personally, I'd say it's more flattering and there's certainly less of the Boden-brigade yummy mummy about it. To wit, this loose-fit wrap from Ganni is sleek and chic, while the palm print brings some fun 1980s glamour (£115,, pictured above).

Not so good for the school run.

Have you ever seen Victoria Beckham picking up her kids? No? Oh well, take it from me, you can never be overdressed in a playground these days. That said, Asos's asymmetric mini wrap dress is perhaps a smidgen over the top (£65, Save it for sports day, maybe?