Across the first three weeks of the World Cup Hyundai saw the greatest increase in US public opinion rating, while consumers across Europe had the best perception of sportswear manufacturer Nike.


According to results of YouGov's ‘The Brandweek Buzz report' released by Industry magazine Brandweek on July 9, Hyundai is the most buzzed brand in the US and Nike dominates across Europe.

YouGov analyzes the most talked about or ‘buzzed' brands, scoring them on a scale of +100 to -100, with +100 being a positive perception of the brand -100 being negative and 0 being neutral. The survey is conducted amongst a representative sample of 5000 people drawn each week from an online panel of 1.5 million subjects. The most recent survey looked at the movement in the scores of World Cup sponsors across the first three weeks of the tournament, June 11 - July 2, compiling the increase in average scores of public perception.

The survey is conducted across America, the United Kingdom and Germany, the brands ones with the most positive consumer perception or buzz are Hyundai in the US and Nike though not an official sponsor, dominates in both Germany and the UK, however the brand continues to decline in the US.

Across America car manufacturer Hyundai was up 2.1 points; T.V channel ESPN +1.3, Visa +1.1, sportswear brands Nike +0.7 and Adidas were up 0.4. Nike was the top brand in the UK up by 6.8 across the first three weeks of the World Cup, Electronic company Sony +6.0, financial service provider Visa +5.5, Budweiser beer + 4.3 and Emirates airline +3.6. Nike was also the brand with the biggest increase in ratings in Germany, up 3.0, Emirates +2.9, Sony +2.6, soft drinks Company Coca-Cola 2.0 and Adidas 2.0.

A separate report by industry magazine Marketing Week, found that from June 26 to July 7 all official World Cup sponsors apart from car manufacturer Kia saw a decline in the amount of internet searches they received, while Gillette, not an official sponsor benefited from a 20% rise in internet searches.