Meow! ... Kim Kardashian goes for a sexy Halloween costume, wrapping her body with a latex catsuit and high heeled knee boots


Out of costume ideas for Halloween 2013? To help inspire your trick or treat outfit, we take a look back at what celebrities previously wore.

From Miley Cyrus dressed as fellow singer Nicki Minaj, to the recently engaged Kim Kardashian kitted out as Catwoman, celebrities might surprise you with their outfit ideas; some sexy, some creative and some Heidi Klum's legendary costumes.

The supermodel takes the award for the most creative Halloween outfits; examples of which include a naked human body, Cleopatra and a scary Hindu goddess.

A decapitated Marie Antoniette? Madonna and Alexa Chung already stole your idea. Batman? One Direction's Liam Payne once wore a proper The Dark Knight's costume. Vampire? Actress Vanessa Hudgens has a sexy example for you. Day of the Dead? Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff got there first.

While there are plenty of new ideas to be worn this year, when it comes to dressing up with imagination celebrities have the resources and the budget to indulge the photographers with extravagant and classic outfits.

Needed inspiration? Sorted.

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