How times have changed. Where once international audiences could only keep tabs on the World Cup thanks to the crackling voices coming through their radios, these days every single second of action is covered both on and off the pitch.

And thanks to the now ubiquitous iPhone - global sales of 8.75 million in the second quarter of 2010 alone and that number is rising - there are even more options available to help ensure you are never too far from the action as South Africa prepares to launch the world's largest sporting event this Friday.

Here, with the help of the good people at Tech Digest (, is a selection of the finest apps available:

South Africa 2010 Tracker (available via, cost free): Live updates from every match, so you won't miss a single ball being kicked.

iSouth Africa 2010 (available via, cost £0.59): Easy touch screen functions and a claim to be the definitive guide to all the action.

My South Africa Essentials (available via, cost free): For those lucky enough to be going, this app provides news updates, venue information - and everything you need to know about how to get to each and every match.

FIFA World Cup 2010 (available via, cost £3.99): They say it is the best game available and it includes all the teams, stadiums and multiplayer options. Perfect for when your team bows out.

3D Penalty Football World Cup (available via, cost £1.19,): And you keep saying it looks easy. Test your own skills in the cruelest part of the game before you watch reputations made (and lost) out on the pitch.