Floral swimming cap by The Flower Appreciation Society

Forget mastering the perfect buttercream, the fashion for floral arrangements is blooming, says Naomi Attwood

Anyone who says flower arranging will never be cool needs only to look at where cake decorating was in 2010. What was once a niche interest is now officially cool, with east London’s Columbia Road flower market a Mecca for arty, fashion types, and flower arranging classes on the up. Just tap the word “flowers” into Instagram if you’re not convinced, to view a cornucopia of blooming images.

East End floristry duo The Flower Appreciation Societyis responding to the demand for such classes, headdressmaking workshops being a popular choice alongside their work making one-of-a-kind bouquets and displays. Florists Ellie Jauncey, who also runs a  knitwear label, and Anna Day, who is also an illustrator, come at the art of floristry from a more contemporary point of view, which is appreciated by their fashionable clients such as Condé Nast, Florence + The Machine, La Perla and the set designer Shona Heath.

Not just at grassroots level but also at the high-end, flowers have become the essential accessory du jour. Take the creativedirector of Christian Dior, Raf Simons, for example, who relies on Belgian florist Mark Colle to make his bespoke arrangements and “flower walls” mirroring the themes of his collections.

Concept store Couverture and chic London florists, Scarlet & Violet, have teamed up in time for the Chelsea Flower Show to create a floral pop-up shop with a difference. From 21-25 May there will be traditional English flowers with a vintage feel for sale. There’ll also be free flower arranging demonstrations for Couverture customers by Scarlet & Violet founder Vic Brotherson.