Jewels for the crowds

The imminent arrival of two big-name jewellery collaborations will have magpies spoilt for choice, says Gemma Hayward

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As costume jewellery gets ever-more dramatic, so too – or so it seems – do the prices. But fans of all things bright and shiny will be pleased to learn of the imminent arrival of two new jewellery collaborations which will bring highly covetable wares to a wider audience. 

Design trio Erickson Beamon (formed by Karen and Eric Erickson and Vicki Beamon in the early 1980s; an early adopter of the brand was Madonna, who wore a necklace on the cover of her Like a Prayer album) has joined forces with discount retail destination this season. The brand's signature statement designs, which can fetch more than £1,000, have been distilled into a 15-piece collection which makes use of different stones from the main line. "They are all fun and wearable designs," Vicki Beamon says. "[They] make it easy to dress up your outfit when leaving work and going to dinner; a statement necklace looks fantastic with a simple T-shirt and jeans, too."

Dominic Jones is another big-ticket jeweller who is catering to those who can usually only aspire to wearing his work. DJ by Dominic Jones takes inspiration from his celebrated debut collection, "Tooth and Nail", from 2009. Jones's trademark tough aesthetic is present and correct in the "claw" knuckle-dusters and rings and "thorn" studs, but the use of a coloured enamel finish enhances the original designs. "I started this line as I wanted to re-engage with the audience that I initially started the brand for," 26-year-old Jones says. "Which are people more my own age who may not be able to buy into the main line so easily."