Julianne Moore: Style shrinks

The closer you look, the more fun Julianne Moore's noirishness becomes
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The dress

Rebecca Gonsalves: I love a high hemline on the red carpet, and this dress is modern, chic and the cool kind of shiny. (Satin is the wrong type, since you ask.)

Mike Higgins: Julianne's fashion secret #1: rubble sack-grade plastic is versatile yet chic.

The bag

Rebecca: Honey, I shrunk the steamer trunk! Miniaturised to perfection, with added leaded window effect for good measure.

Mike: No wonder her arms look so toned if she's lugging that around all evening.

The tights

Rebecca: Just looking at patterned, woollen tights makes my legs itch. I hope there was a minion with a tub of E45 on hand to pamper those pins.

Mike: The clutch bag is fishnet, but the tights are…? Suggestions on a postcard as to Ms Moore's leg art here.

The boots

Rebecca: These boots were made for walking – meaning there's no emergency ballet flats stashed in a tote bag.

Mike: Dress, tights, boots, all black, each with a twist. This apparently simple outfit is a minor triumph.