Lounge living

You don't have to look scruffy when simply hanging out on the sofa. Swathe yourself in luxurious silk and cashmere for ultimate relaxation, says Emma Akbareian

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The combination of the gloomy mood that follows the end of the festive period and the frightening amount of food and drink consumed, means that all thoughts of getting up, dressed and out the house are far from welcome. A few more days lazing on the sofa watching bad television and digging around the bottom of the Quality Street tin is a far more appealing concept, especially when done in style.

Loungewear is the term commonly used to describe the type of clothing worn around the house. For some, this refers to items of clothing that have seen better days and are no longer acceptable to wear in the outside world. For others, it is an altogether more opulent affair.

Tatty sweat pants are replaced with silk palazzo pants and matching cami-tops. In the place of novelty dressing gowns there are plush cashmere versions, and holey socks are traded for Aran-knit bed socks and cosy legwarmers.

Lounge Lover is devoted to the art of lounging; it specialises in slouchy pieces made from premium fabrics all designed to make lazing around a more luxurious experience.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's collection for Autograph at Marks & Spencer looks to the more glamorous side of lounging: silk separates, nightgowns and lace-mix dressing gowns all in a pretty palette of oyster cream and blush rose.

If any more evidence is needed of a love affair with loungewear, enter the onesie. High-street stores including New Look and Debenhams have reported a massive rise in sales of the all-in-one adult romper suit. Its appeal can be attributed to the ultimate comfort factor: in one fell swoop you'll find yourself cosy and warm from head to toe.