Men: here’s a fashion car for you


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How to get men keen on fashion? Savile Row suits which could make even the most dramatically scruffy men (ahem) feel like James Bond? Or shoes which make the wearers feel like Daniel Craig on the red carpet? But no: we men like brum brum! A shiny car – that’ll do it.

Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with London tailor Nick Hart of Spencer Hart to tailor a Merc CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake like a matinee idol. It was unveiled at Spencer Hart’s London Collections: Men show yesterday. Hart’s tailoring of the car involved no crotch cupping, but instead the addition of custom-blended paint; chocolate brown Italian leather seats with the Spencer Hart logo (with Midnight Blue stitching no less!) and Nick Hart’s signature on the car’s main console. Fancy.

The non-couture CLS Shooting Brake costs £83,000. The price of Hart’s version is available “on request” ie, a few grand more.

You’d be better spending the difference on one of his suits.