Occupation: Drummer / menswear designer
Age: 23
Personal style: Boys in the band

James Sherwood: Your band, Mr Hudson & the Library, have just released a debut album, A Tale of Two Cities, and your clothing label, Sanderson Black, is becoming a cult club classic. Explain these grandiose names.

Andrew Wilkinson: Mr Hudson is our lead singer and we used to rehearse in his front-room, which was full of books. And Sanderson Black is my grandfather's name; he was a sharp dresser, so I named my label after him.

JS: Do you have a background in fashion?

AW: I studied menswear at London College of Fashion but left to tour with the band.

JS: Are you wearing Sanderson Black?

AW: The hoodie is one of mine. The mosaic print inside [see below] is a nod to the electro influence on young designers. We took the colour out of it, so it's not as brash.

JS: Is that what Mr Hudson is about – a mix of old-fashioned songwriting and upfront beats?

AW: Yes, we're inspired by jazz standards, but Bowie and Dre are in the mix.

JS: Are you wearing what you would on stage?

AW: I'd be a bit more amped-up. That said, I'm the drummer so you only see the top half. I'm wearing a Vincent Vincent and the Villains T-shirt, Diesel jeans and Nike Blazer trainers.

JS: Are there plans to develop Sanderson Black? Tour T-shirts would be a no-brainer.

AW: I have designed T-shirts with a gold or baby blue "SB", but at the moment it's about designing the hoodies and getting them on the backs of other bands; getting some hype.

JS: It's got great integrity: a streetwear label designed by a man in the music scene. God knows where you find the time, though.

AW: We're still up and coming.

JS: I think you're up and arrived.

www.myspace.com/mrhudson; www.myspace.com/sandersonblack