My Style: Arieta Mujay

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Occupation: PR manager
Age: 29
Personal style: Global ghetto girl

James Sherwood: At the risk of sounding like Gok Wan, you are working that "clutch-bag-on-a-claw" pose like Mary J Blige.

Arieta Mujay: It's how the ghetto girls hang their purses from their pinkies in the hood.

JS: The way you put it all together doesn't suggest a London girl. Am I right?

AM: I love London and was born here, but I grew up in New York and in Nigeria. Being exposed to lots of different cultures has influenced the way I dress.

JS: I'd have pegged you for a stylist rather than a PR manager. Does representing a brand such as River Island force you to wear the collection?

AM: I don't need forcing but I like to mix it all up. The bag, the shoes and the jacket are River Island. The harem pants are new season Commes des Garçons and the T-shirt is a vintage Madonna tour print.

JS: Is the T-shirt ironic?

AM: No: Madonna's one of my idols. Another is Amy Winehouse. I love Amy. A couple of years ago, I set up a blog on Facebook called Back Off and Leave Amy Winehouse Alone.

JS: Do you have influences in the fashion industry?

AM: My black leather gloves are an ode to Karl Lagerfeld. I wore them after seeing a documentary about him and Chanel couture.

JS: What I like about you is the finish. It's all there: the make-up, the urchin crop and the mad jewellery.

AM: The necklace is a sample from River Island that I've added to. I just love the jingle-jangle of jewellery. The make-up is MAC: always MAC. My hairdresser Verona White is the queen of Afro hair. She styles June Sarpong and lots of Afro-Caribbean stars. She's called this cut the Arianna: it's a bit of Rihanna, a bit of Grace Jones and a bit of me.

JS: You own the entire look and it's ghetto fabulous, darling.

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