My Style: Charlotte Dutton

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Occupation: Professional snowboarder, model and fashion designer
Age: 26
Personal style: Climate chameleon

Josephine Serieux: Let's play Through the Keyhole: we have to guess your identity by your clothing. Fashion industry, perhaps? Hmm, but that T-shirt's intriguing. On the panel, me and Sandi Toksvig are going, "David – is she a snowboarder?"

Charlotte Dutton: I am – and a model, but at the moment I'm mostly designing [for Misticon, her own fashion label]. My new collection is inspired by weather; I looked at a lot of low-pressure charts as research. That's what's behind the T-shirt.

JS: With those three jobs, I'll bet you globetrot as if it were but a hop on the 29 bus from Tottenham Court Road. That must involve a pretty huge wardrobe.

CD: That was the problem: ski slopes one week, casting in Milan the next and a fashion show in London after that. I was rocking around the world with such huge bags it was ridiculous. That's why I started the label. It's a range that works for all different kinds of events. Like this T-shirt. I can dress it up but also wear it to the gym. My jacket and trousers are from Topshop and I'll mix it all up with an interesting bag like this one from Raging Rose.

JS: You don't seem precious about clothing. If I blew up a bouncy castle right here and said, "C'mon Charlotte, let's have some fun!" I reckon you'd chuck that jacket on the floor in an instant.

CD: I know, I'm so silly. I'm really untidy too, and tend to leave everything on the floor. If I need something, I look down and it's there.

JS: Hey, you just invented the world's first walk-on wardrobe! Now get upstairs and tidy your room, young lady. But first, tell me about your biggest fashion mistake.

CD: Well, in my teens I considered a pearly blue rinse. I just thought...

JS: No, don't explain, Charlotte. I should never have asked. Let's just end on a high, like a lone snowboarder soaring across the clear blue Alpine sky.

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