Occupation: Musicians
Age: 'Mother' & 20
Personal style: Jive bunnies

James Sherwood: You are living proof – in glorious Technicolor – that the family who plays together stays together. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are a sibling R&B/swing/blues trio backed by mother Ingrid and father Graeme on double bass and acoustic guitar. Love it! It's rare for kids to share parents' passions...

Daisy Durham: We were never pushed. When we were kids there was a piano, an acoustic guitar and a couple of bongos in the sitting-room. Lewis, Kitty or I would start playing and everyone joined in. Our dad singing to us was how we first heard the three Louis (Jordan, Armstrong and Prima).

Ingrid Weiss: They started the band without us! Kitty, Daisy & Lewis was their project. It felt natural for us to be their session musicians.

JS: Daisy, I have to say you were born to wear scarlet satin. It's so subversive to dress like Monroe in Niagara when your peers all want to look like Paris Hilton.

DD: I love my clothes but I don't wear vintage solely. My mum has thousands of vintage-dress patterns. The red-dress pattern was for a flared skirt but Mum cut it to be more curvaceous. I like to be quite street as well and mix it up a bit.

JS: You obviously wear this dress to perform, and I bet you're mobbed, considering Kitty, Daisy & Lewis have played the Royal Albert Hall, the Barbican and Glastonbury. Ingrid, tell me about your look. I adore the 1940s plaited up-do. You're totally committed to the period.

IW: The dress is 1940s and I bought it at Blackout in Covent Garden. Most of my collection came from digging in charity shops but they've really dried up now that vintage is such an important part of fashion. Fortunately, we were ahead of the curve. n

'Kitty, Daisy and Lewis' is out now on Sunday Best. See www.myspace.com/kittydaisyandlewis for more information

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