Occupation: Manager of clubwear store Cyberdog
Age: 21
Personal style: Cyberwoman

Interview by james Sherwood

James Sherwood: Your look makes Su Pollard look shy and retiring. Are you a performer?

Izzi von Kohler: No, I look like this all the time. I had quite alternative tastes from a young age and built this look up over time.

JS: I assume you are a mighty presence on London's club scene.

IvK: No, I manage a store so I don't go out much... I do sometimes go to Torture Garden.

JS: Don't they all wear black there?

IvK: No, some of them are naked, so I'm not the centre of attention though I am when I model. I shot a set of pictures for Suicide Girls, a website where you take your clothes off in an arty way.

JS: I admire your style; it's so tribal, like a 21st-century Boudicca. Talk me through.

IvK: The big pink moon boots are last season O'Neill's, customised with furry pom-poms. The stripy leg-warmers are from the Stables Market in Camden. My neon-pink miniskirt has reflective strips on the side and the belt is neon yellow with a Hello Kitty buckle. The cut-out top is designed by the Cyberdog team for me. I wear it the wrong way round.

JS: Your jewellery is definitely more Hello Kitty than hello Cartier.

IvK: Most of it is Tarina Tarantino: the stacked bracelets, blue necklace and rings.

JS: Your hair is a sculpture. Who's the artist?

IvK: He's called Carlos and he owns Pepi's in Camden. It's dyed ice-blonde with neon-pink and neon-yellow accents. Seamus at Kirk Originals sources my glasses...

JS: ...which draw attention to your ears, which appear to be pointed like a pixie.

IvK: Like an elf. They were created by a body modification artist called Howie. I decided I wanted to be a bit magical, not a real person.

JS: Amen to that. There's worse things in life than being a vain elf. *

Cyberdog is at the Stables Market, Camden Town, London NW1, www.cyberdog.net, www.myspace.com/elfkitten

Get the tribal elf look

Pink top

25, from Cyber Dog, tel: 020 7482 2842, www.cyberdog.net


65, by Tarina Tarantino, www.tarinatarantino.com


299, from Kirk Originals, tel: 020 7240 5055, www.kirkoriginals.com