My Style: Sandra Verstraten

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Occupation: Fashion agent
Age: 34
Personal style: Mash-up minx

Josephine Serieux: Is your style typical for a fashion agent? I'd imagined power suits and shades... maybe I'm thinking of a secret agent.

Sandra Verstraten: A lot of fashion agents do wear black but will generally dress in the style of the brands they represent.

JS: I'm not a morning person. If you talk to me before 10am, I will scratch your face off. But the way you dress makes me think that getting ready in the mornings is fun for you.

SV: I'm not great in the mornings either, so I listen to some old-school house to get myself excited about what I want to wear. I think it's very important that when you put an outfit together, it excites you.

JS: Your outfit today is pretty exciting.

SV: I like to put things together in a different way to entertain myself. The dress is from By Francine. The fabric is amazing, the fit is nice and the details make it feminine. You can dress it up but I dress it down with my Junk Food superhero T-shirt and scruffy boots.

JS:Let's talk about those boots. A very wise woman once said, "Shoes can be divided into two camps: feet enemies and feet friends." Yours are definitely the latter, aren't they?

SV: They are my favourite boots in the world. I found them in Barcelona about three years ago. It was really cold and I needed some warm boots. Now I wear them with everything as they're so comfortable. I even wear them with shorts in summer.

JS: I'm sorry to bring this up, but one day those boots will die, as all good things must. Is there anything else in your wardrobe that you'd be devastated to lose?

SV: I got married this year so I'd be upset to lose my wedding corset. When I find something I love, I always wear and use it for a really long time. But once I stop feeling excited about it, I get rid of it.

JS: Best not tell the new hubby that, eh?