My Style: Tawiah

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Occupation: Soul singer
Age: 22
Personal Style: Urban diva

James Sherwood: When I look at you I hear a gospel choir led by soul diva Doris Troy. Tawiah, you look awesome.

Tawiah: Thank you. My style is kind of crazy. It's always changing. I wear a lot of crazy patterns, half of my head is shaved and the other half dreadlocked and I love, love, love to be comfortable, so it's trainers all the way.

JS: For those not fortunate enough to have seen you rock Glastonbury, duet with Mark Ronson and dance your ass off on the Jay-Z tour, you are a major contender for Britain's first lady of soul. Who influences you?

T: A major influence is the gospel singer Kim Burrell. I love Björk, Radiohead and Erykah Badou. Ella Fitzgerald kills me.

JS: Are designers queuing up to dress you?

T: When I was on tour in Amsterdam I met an amazing designer called Belle who made me a really rude patchwork jacket that I wore at Glastonbury. I got tons of calls saying "Great vocal – but where did you get the jacket?". And I love Vivienne Westwood...

JS: ...and Vivienne would love you. How can anyone not love a red-and-white striped hooded poncho?

T: You like my poncho? I like the shape and how it drops. The jeans are Evisu and the green-and-gold beauties on my feet are my favourite Pumas. The gold chain has a story. It was a gift from one of Basement Jaxx; it was given to me at the end of a tour.

JS: Your glasses are very cool.

T: I don't need glasses but I like to work that look so I have them with no-strength lenses. My favourite pair are fold-up Ray-Bans.I'm also working an old-school Casio watch.

JS: What I like about your look is that it's not costume. It's you.

T: That's right. My vibe is pretty much the same on and off stage. I was recognised yesterday. This guy came up to me and said "You! I can never forget your style."

JS: Neither, I suspect, will I.