Xpresionpixel is all about soaking colourful square blocks on your hair to create the pixel effect

Forget ombre effects and natural highlights; the latest hair trend is digital-inspired, colourful and completely new –say hello to pixelated hair.

According to the Madrid-based hair research company Xpresion, the innovative colouring process achieves a “new chromatic dimension and colour, while playing with movement and transforming the textures into the appearance of the pixel effect”.


The sections of hair look like a pixelated image with the help of a contrasting colour. The dye is applied in vivid square blocks (just like Tetris game) through large or small sections of the hair. So, if you ever have the desire to make your head look like a computer screen, then this colour trend might be for you.

The innovative hair trend was created by Spanish colourists, Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jorge Cancer, and it has been officially called “xpresionpixel”, which now has its own hashtag on social media with the same name.

Ombre was the biggest hair trend of 2014, although it has moved towards a more natural look. But 2015 welcomes a different kind of look – and there’s not much natural about it with contrasting neon tones.

This new technique has never been seen before and whether you love it or hate it, the trend is spreading across salons worldwide.

Revlon Professional, has already featured its take on the high-tech look for its autumn campaign, which takes the trend to its most dramatic with contrasting purple and pink hues in brunette hair.

Although the beauty world seems to approve, we’re not sure how practical the combination of digital art is with day-to-day hair styling.