The week's top five most popular sporting trends on March 30 as selected by include an intriguing new mode of leisure transportation, a collection of photoshop-friendly swimwear images, and a wallet-crushingly expensive outdoor seating arrangement with a sports theme.

1) Skateboard Unicycles
The Magic Wheel is essentially a miniature penny farthing crossed with a skateboard. The rider stands on it, legs straddling the 26in / 66cm diameter front wheel, and uses their feet to propel themselves along, skateboard style, and leaning to the left or right in order to steer. Though the US web store that ignited recent interest sells them for $222, the device is available directly from the official website for a third cheaper.

2) Surreal Swimtography
A new line of mens' and womens' swimwear for TYR gets the Trendhunter treatment. Commercial photographer Tim Tadder doesn't shy away from digital post-processing, giving his shots a decidedly glossy feel, with such smooth and clear underwater environments.

3) Backyard Stadium Seating
Called the Arena Patio Set, for a mere $10,000 (€7,455) owners can relax in their very own super bowl, complete with cushions and a small table, knowing that it's all covered by a one year warranty. Postage and packing is included, but those that decide against keeping it will lose 25% of the payment to a restocking fee. Bargain.

4) Art Preservation Tournaments
A five-event multi-disciplinary sports competition took place in New York for the art world's hidden heroes: the Art Handling Olympics. Contestants had to show their skills in a variety of ways, racing through the city's Chinatown district, hanging, holding and hauling some heavy frames under duress from various comedy taskmasters. The mix of athletics and the fashionable art scene made this a hit with trendmakers.

5) Cavemen Lighters
Zippo's Emergency Fire Starter Kit contains not only a lighter but also some essential and water resistant tinder sticks tucked away within the lighter's housing. The case itself also has water resistant properties - but, that said, is probably not able to withstand a torrent.