"Guess what I'm watching?" texts my friend and The Independent's unofficial Denmark correspondent, designer Peter Jensen. "The Killing, series 3. And it's fucking good." The series had premiered in its home country that evening.

I am immediately plunged into bitterness, of course, (even though I am watching a brand new episode of The Simpsons), only added to when, 10 minutes later, another missive drops. "By the way, here is a scoop. She is not wearing a jumper, but a shirt and tie. Very Jil Sander."

I am, at this point, left hanging. "Please provide more information… Over…" (Old school.)

"The shirt's light blue, a workman's shirt – like Prada autumn/winter 2008," Mr Jensen replies. "And the tie's black. She's wearing a navy pea coat on top."

I can now picture the entire thing in my mind which is lovely and testimony both to the greatness of Peter Jensen who is, after all, a fashion designer so he understands the importance of these things, and might also just tide me over until the third series of The Killing finally reaches British screens.

I love the idea of Sofie Grabol (aka Sarah Lund) in overtly masculine attire. There are very few women who can get away with this and she, I would imagine, is among them. "Yes," Jensen duly confirms. "She looks great." And also, as it happens, on trend. I give you… Chloë Sevigny in head to toe printed trouser suit, shirt and tie and every bit the fashion fox in this season's Miu Miu campaign.

Other shirt- and tie-wearing heroines… Marlene Dietrich, of course, as far back as 1930 in Morocco but also often in real as opposed to celluloid life; Diane Keaton in Annie Hall in 1977… More recently, Kristen Stewart was photographed in white shirt and black tie in the June 2012 issue of American Elle. The reference? Helmut Newton's famous photograph of a suitably androgynous model in Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking tuxedo, shot for Vogue in 1967.

My personal favourite woman-in-shirt-and-tie moment, however, comes courtesy of Patti Smith for the 1975 cover of Horses. Sigh. I can't wait to see for myself whether even Ms Grabol can top that.