The most Googled fashion terms of 2014

Spoiler: It's not Cara Delevingne and it's not Oscar de la Renta

Google has revealed the most searched for supermodels of the year and it isn’t our Brit girl Cara Delevingne who tops the list.

The annual ‘A Year in the Search’ report reveals the aggregation of trillions of searches users asked Google throughout the year – and the 2014 fashion results are not what you think.

In the supermodels category, American actress and model Kate Upton beats Delevingne (who comes in a lowly 16th instead), Giselle Bundchen, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner by topping the poll of the most searched for model of the year.

Kate Upton fronts the cover of Elle's September issue this year

Upton, who is reportedly worth $7m (approx. £4.4m), was swiftly followed by Kendall Jenner- the reality TV star-turned supermodel.  

Delevingne and Jenner might be the most popular models on social media with 8.9 and 17million Instagram followers respectively, but perhaps fans already know all they need to about the duo because it was Upton that came in highest on the search engine.

Kendall Jenner walks for Ports

The list also unveiled the most Googled fashion trends and designers of the year.

The most searched for trends of the year were as to be expected, beginning with ‘Normcore’, which, let’s face it, isn’t a surprise given that no-one is completely sure exactly what it means. It is, apparently, the trend that never wanted to be a trend.

Following Normcore is ‘Health Goth’, which ironically we had to google too. The trend appears to be a mix of gothic, punk and futuristic sport-luxe - the concept comes from Health Goth Facebook page, by American musician Mike Grabarek and eccentric designer Jeremy Scott, who post shots of monochrome and futuristic sportswear.

However, much more straightforward searches focused on items of clothing such as over-the-knee boots, full skirts, capes and culottes. At number five is crop tops; the nineties trend became so big this year that it even became popular within menswear, thanks to rapper Kid Cudi.

Over the knee boots

The most popular designer on the internet includes some surprises. Whilst many renowned designers achieved a lot this year and the industry sadly lost  some of its best talents including Oscar de la Renta and L’Wren Scott, it was a 19-year-old American vlogger who tops the list.

Bethany Mota beat them all, including Alexander Wang, whose collaboration with H&M made plenty of headlines this year. She gathered massive following on her YouTube channel (she has 7.8 million subscribers) and launched her own fashion line with Aeropostale, helping her to qualify for the ‘designer’ search category.

American vlogger and now designer Bethany Mot

The list of the most searched terms of the year also included Jennifer Lawrence as the most Googled celebrity, followed by Kim Kardashian West, Jared Letto, Amal Alamuddin (who wed George Clooney in September) and Matthew McConaughey (who won the Best Actor Oscar in February).