Screenshot of What Ali Wore tumblr / Zoe Spawton


Ali is a Turkish tailor living in Berlin. At 9:05am every morning, he walks past a café in which Zoe Spawton, an Australian photographer, works shifts. He dresses impeccably in a variety of suits, hats, denim, camouflage – everything – and always perfectly coordinated.

Impressed, Spawton dashed out last August to ask Ali if she could take his photo. He agreed and the pair have repeated their shoot 20 times, building up a sweet rapport and a wonderful online gallery called “What Ali Wore”.

Some high-profile tweets this week have boosted the blog’s audience. The latest photo, posted yesterday, shows Ali in a suit. “I feel as though he might have had an inkling that there would be a few more people seeing his photo today,” Spawton writes.

Despite not sharing a language, the pair have been apple picking and, during a chance encounter on a tram, Spawton learned that Ali used to be a doctor and has 18 children.

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