Revealed: The world’s cheapest diamond earrings

Avon offers ethical affordable luxury in a £30 piece of jewellery this Christmas

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If you are looking for a cost-cutting Christmas, but still seek luxury, then Avon’s £30 diamond earrings might make it on to your shopping list, but be quick because two pairs of them are being sold every minute.

Each pair of earrings is made of sterling silver and is encrusted with 32 diamonds, the sum total of which comes to 0.2 carats – and it’s packaged in a velvet box.

Anthony Wells, Executive Director UK Commercial Marketing of Avon, said: “We have seen huge demand for the £30 diamond earrings and they are now one of our fastest selling products this Christmas.  Avon is offering the most desired item of all – diamonds.”

Avon is better known for its cosmetics and skincare products, but the global company, which has annual revenue of $10 billion (approx. 6.3bn), invests in certain products at certain times of the year and these diamond earrings are an example of their festive season investment.

Each pair of earrings come in a velvet box

Because although they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they’re too expensive and usually worn only by those who can afford the sky high price tag, but this Christmas offer makes the diamond dream affordable, at least for a limited time.

A 0.2 carat diamond would usually cost around £300, but Avon is selling it for £30, so why so cheap? The earrings are offered at such bargain because they’re a limited time offer, as part of one of its Christmas campaigns.

However, those concerned about the origin of these diamonds need not worry. According to Avon the precious stones are sourced from Africa and cut in India, and go through all the proper channels to ensure that all diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources, certified conflict free and in compliance with all United Nations resolutions.

That’s ethical affordable luxury for you. Shop them here.