Sleeveless coats: The Look

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What's with the deconstructed winterwear?

Yes, fingerless gloves, peep-toe boots and now sleeveless coats. Technically, we could call this boiled grey wool number from Hobbs a waistcoat, as they do (£199, available mid-October,, above), but that just reminds us of far less stylish, ill-fitting men's wedding attire.

Still not sure I see the merit of a sleeveless coat.

Well, beyond the fact that it's fashion, stupid, this is a good in-between-y garment. In between seasons, when you don't need maximal thermal protection; in between environments, when you're skipping between overheated shops and cold streets.

And the aesthetic?

A sleeveless number is nice for really integrating your outfit rather than just hiding it with a big coat (admittedly the latter is often a blessing on the less artful days). This way everyone can feel the benefit of that great knitwear you're sporting.

If it's not a waistcoat, is it a gilet?

The gilet is a close cousin and there are plenty of those around this autumn too. Compared with the long, clean lines of the sleeveless coat, gilets are more of a squashy, textural choice – Maison Scotch's teddy-bear wool (£155, is a cosy but not-too-voluminous option.