Style Shrinks: He's a maverick, is that - just look what he's done with his school jumper…


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The jacket

Rebecca Gonsalves: Ditch the white'n' bright – if there's one thing I've learnt from rubbish American TV, it's that a baseball jacket looks better worn in.

Mike Higgins: Is that awkward left arm a bit of product placement? Mr Am has his own range of smartwatches.

The cap

Rebecca: After filling up the Christmas stockings with satsumas, did he repurpose his executive fruit bowl as alternative headgear?

Mike: Quite possibly. He's nothing if not versatile, is Will: it's easier to say what's not on his CV – florist? antiquarian? – than what is.

The trousers

Rebecca: Did he accidentally put his legs through the sleeves of his old school pullover? Now I'm legitimately wondering if he got dressed in the dark.

Mike: Get with the programme, Rebecca.'s prototype iPad storage trousers are going to break BIG in 2015.

The shoes

Rebecca: Thank heavens for the raised soles, otherwise his dropped crotch would almost sweep the ground.

Mike: Hang about: if those trousers really are a woolly-pully, then that makes these shoes… mittens?