Shine bright like a diamond: Steven Tyler at the Milan Menswear Fashion Week last month / Getty Images


The jacket

Rebecca Gonsalves: Has he been using the oeuvre of Rihanna as a self-help guide? Why else would he be shining bright like a diamond?

Mike Higgins: A tin-foil bolero jacket would be the eye-catcher in most ensembles – but it's actually toning things down in this outfit.

The hair

Rebecca: Every time I see Tyler's flowing locks and fine bone structure, it's nigh-on impossible to stop 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)' playing in my head .

Mike: The hair is rampant, as ever – so why bother with the manky moustache and beard?

The trousers

Rebecca: Flares on fellas are set to be a big look again next spring – hopefully this image will kill that trend dead right now.

Mike: Somewhere in Palm Springs, an octogenarian yoga instructor is wondering who pinched her work-out pants.

The shoes

Rebecca: A hybrid between a Dutch clog and a carpet slipper, giving the impression that his toes have been lopped off.

Mike: Grippingly awful. What Tyler is saying here is, should 'Doctor Who' ever get an American spin-off, look me up, baby!