The jacket/shirt

Gemma Hayward: This outfit couldn't fail to make anyone smile. Who else but the loveable Murray could mix this many plaids, colours and patchwork together and get away with it?

Hugh Montgomery: The arch flâneur is sporting a look you might describe as Fear and Loathing in a Florida Retirement Home. On weapons-grade mescaline. Fantastic.

The accessories

Gemma: Does that camera squirt out water at the waiting paps? Or is him taking a picture of people taking a picture of him just a bit, well, Groundhog Day?

Hugh: He's holding up a mirror to media prurience! He's more meta than Charlie Kaufman and Jean-Claude Van Damme combined! Definitely a waste of film, though.

The trousers

Gemma: Taking inspiration from his Caddyshack days, these gingham trews are as sweet as candy.

Hugh: And so to the third queasy check of the ensemble... Have you seen this, Von Trier? You'd better start working on your pattern-contrasting if you want to stay the archest-provocateur on the Riviera, that's all we're saying.

The shoes

Gemma: Surprisingly Bill hasn't opted for size 22s adored with a colourful daisy. Clown jokes aside, deck shoes are the perfect accompaniment on the Croisette, but it was a missed opportunity not to add a bit more colour.

Hugh: Oh no – this is where Bill's overreached himself. Boat shoes, you see, are never playfully ironic and always abjectly "yah". And no, we don't make the rules; the Boden catalogue does.