Style shrinks: Our experts analyse breakfast-show presenter Kate Garraway's youth drive


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Rebecca Gonsalves: There's something unsettlingly youthful about this ensemble, and it might just be the jaunty angle of her hat that tips it over the edge.

Hugh Montgomery: It's quite clear: she's addled by a surfeit of inane reality-TV-star interviews and is engaging in satirical protest by dressing as Olly Murs.


Rebecca: Even Marie from 'Breaking Bad' would say this is too much purple for anyone but a giant talking dinosaur.

Hugh: I agree. And politely request a sentence-long break from my long-held belief that purple is my favourite colour.


Rebecca: We can only assume the nana slippers are a misguided attempt at balancing out the rest of her 'down with the kids' Topshop-two-years-ago clobber.

Hugh: In her defence regarding all of the above: she is at a "gala screening" of a sub-Pixar animation.


Rebecca: Kate hoping for a gig presenting the 'Great British Sewing Bee'? Why else would she have run up these out of an old Laura Ashley bedspread?

Hugh: Ah, yes, I'm getting a Proustian rush from looking at these, of childhood holidays spent in dodgy B&Bs.