Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Charlotte Gainsbourg's S&M librarian look


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The hair/make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: Nigella and all at British 'Vogue' take note: this is how to do 'no make-up' make-up.

Mike Higgins: The slightly insane gaze of a woman who has starred in three (three!) Lars von Trier films. Beyond lipstick.

The top

Rebecca: Pushed-up sleeves and a 'Last of The Summer Wine' knit balance out a feminine lace collar in a singularly Rive Gauche way.

Mike: Cut to Alan Bennett's dressing room, where a confused playwright is wondering who on earth pinched his sleeveless woolie-pullie.

The boots

Rebecca: Gainsbourg bagged a total look from Nicolas Ghesquière's debut for Louis Vuitton mere days after the catwalk show – she must be clicking those heels with glee .

Mike: Sorry: no one should sign off a look with a giant pair of half-licked Werther's Originals.

The trousers

Rebecca: Wipe-clean trews are a fitting choice for the 'Nymphomaniac' premiere, but the skin-tight fit means she'll have to pass on the popcorn.

Mike: If the top half is Wallace on dress-down Friday, the bottom is shinier than Gromit's nose. Un coup de vinyl.