Curve appeal: Christina Hendricks at the Mad Men screening in New York last weekend / Rex Features


The jewellery

Rebecca Gonsalves: There's a lovely pair of earrings behind those tousled tendrils, which knocks the contrast between creamy complexion and super sparkly stuff a bit off balance.

Mike Higgins: I think their colour matches her clutch. But they're discreet to the point of redundancy.

The hair

Rebecca: Do not adjust your set: one of the best-known redheads is nothing of the sort. These lighter tresses are the acting equivalent of a post-break-up hair chop.

Mike: A natural blonde, in fact – and with those eyes and that figure, a Monroe biopic surely beckons.

The dress

Rebecca: This dress invites Jessica Rabbit comparisons, and it's a close call between the (strawberry) blonde and the bunny-lover over who wore it better.

Mike: A fair point. But a decade being compared to a cartoon character must grate…

The shoes

Rebecca: These are definitely dancing shoes – the high-shine metallic finish will look great when tripping the light fantastic.

Mike: It's mostly soft, flowing lines, this outfit, then – bam! – 'Cower before me, mortals.'