The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: Dewy skin and rosy cheeks are exactly what's needed here: a bold colour would have ruined the overall effect of this feminine look. The shiny, curled bob and beaming smile only add to the girlishness.

Hugh Montgomery: We will forgive the feline self-satisfaction of the good Dame's grin on the grounds that those curls are as invitingly voluminous as Jane Tennison's vodka supply.

The dress

Gemma: While I'm not a huge fan of this watercolour print, the respectable neckline, hemline and nipped-in waist is an ideal style for Mirren's (great) form.

Hugh: When I say this dress would easily be the toast of any WI garden party, I mean only that I love its summery, quasi-chintzy pizzazz. And that it's totally better than their cream-free Victoria sponges.

The accessories

Gemma: You can't go wrong with leopard-print accessories, but she has made a faux pas in pairing American tan tights with a peep-toe heel. Hosiery is more than acceptable, but seams should be covered.

Hugh: The leopard-print bag/shoes are just the grace note for an outfit that, with typical Mirren masterfulness, is both riotous and refined.

The coat

Gemma: This is the right coat for two reasons: first, pastel shades are the only colours to be seen in this summer; second, lace is a key material and perfectly encapsulates the pretty look of the spring/ summer collections.

Hugh: This is where I must beg to differ: it's shapeless, drab and rather too housecoat-like to be worn without a towel-turban and a mug of Horlicks.