Sensible and sexy: Diane Keaton proves buttoned-up doesn't have to be boring / Getty Images


The glasses

Rebecca Gonsalves: As a stylish specs wearer myself (I like to think, anyway), it's great to see some being worn on the red carpet.

Mike Higgins: Keaton has long dodged the Hollywood surgeon's knife. These Harry Palmer-esque specs give her face all the oomph it needs.

The shirt

Rebecca: Buttoned-up doesn't have to be boring. A crisply starched collar will ward off any over-zealous air conditioning – sensible and sexy.

Mike: 'Businesslike but fun!' is a banned look, surely… but this wing-tip collar manages it.

The jacket

Rebecca: Gingham isn't just for the prairie; sharp lines and a feminine fit make this interesting without being too 'out there'.

Mike: It's 'funky headmistress', this jacket; the entire look, in fact – best of all, though, is Keaton's grin.

The socks

Rebecca: This takes the black-and-white theme too far – the last person to pull off white socks was Michael Jackson.

Mike: Would you, like Madonna, buy a $6m house from a woman who likes bobby-socks? Hell, why not…