Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Elle Macpherson's Cannes-meets-Essex get-up


The sunglasses

Gemma Hayward: Oversized and ostentatious – just as a supermodel's shades should be.

Hugh Montgomery: You literally can't go wrong with black Wayfarer-style shades like these; and trust us, we have tried.

The dress

Gemma: Elle is no stranger to a bodycon number – if you've got it flaunt it, after all – but this would look more at home in an Essex nightclub than a Cannes convention.

Hugh: We imagine Ms M collects bodycon dresses as most of us accumulate dodgy liqueurs: after all, when isn't it a good time to assert your genetic 1 per cent-er status by accentuating your skinny-hourglass silhouette?

The shoes

Gemma: A strange choice for a public appearance, these heeled gladiator lace-ups look messy and the calf height manages to shorten the appearance of her lengthy pins.

Hugh: These gladiator sandal boots co-ordinate with the dress while elevating her into the troposphere. But are those ASYMMETRIC KNOTS we see before us? Sloppy, very sloppy, Macpherson.

The bag/accessories

Gemma: I like the golden bangles and cuffs, but what's she doing toting this black tasselled bag? It just doesn't gel. Matching her handbag colour to her jewellery would have been wiser.

Hugh: Tropical flower-like detailing in oil-slick black? This bag is like some obscure totem of haute-environmentalism, and rather lovely at that.