Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Ellie Goulding's sporty, quick-getaway get-up


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Rebecca Gonsalves: I thought William Hague killed off the baseball cap's cool in 1997, but perhaps it's time for a resurrection.

Hugh Montgomery: But the backward cap is so obviously cooly uncool that it's actually just uncool. You know.


Rebecca: A bomber is a wise investment, and this one's orange lining means it can be reversed for a quick Halloween pumpkin costume, too.

Hugh: She could do interpretative dance in this. (Which might be better than her interpretative Elton John.)


Rebecca: As the sort of person who packs everything but the kitchen sink, travelling with just one handbag is an impressively chic feat. Hugh: And only half-full! Is there a music exec somewhere contending with Ryanair baggage charges?


Rebecca: Even the most slovenly of stars would seem athletic in super-cool silver sneakers – good for dazzling the waiting paps, too.

Hugh: Great, though given that we run in retro (read second-hand/knee-destroying) Adidas, it don't take much to impress us.