Height of sophistication: Emma Watson models a modern take on 1980s power-dressing / Rex Features


The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: Long gone is Hermione's bushy 'do; this side-swept look works well with her petite features, though she'll no doubt be picking out kirby grips till kingdom come.

Mike Higgins: Hair clippers out, and then – oh no! – the No3 grade snaps. I've so been there, Emma…

The lipstick

Rebecca: Berry-stained with a hint of a smile, this juicy shade adds toughness – and will mask dreaded red-wine lips should she choose to indulge.

Mike: You're right – a classy dash of Ribena about the mouth saves Ms Watson from being black and white and red all over.

The jewellery

Rebecca: Plenty of rings on her fingers, but I'm guessing no bells on her toes – there's a touch of the rebel about these trinkets.

Mike: I like the bracelet over the cuff. Wonder Woman meets space princess. And good for a sneaky make-up check.

The jumpsuit

Rebecca: A modern take on 1980s power-dressing, this silky J Mendel jumpsuit is the height of sophistication without the shoulder pads.

Mike: It's a posh onesie, long at the cuffs and short at the hems. They don't cut 'em like that in Primark.