Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Erykah Badu's sci-fi homage to Monty Python


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The accessories

Rebecca Gonsalves:  Are those Norwegian Blue tailfeathers in her pocket? Is she planning to perform Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch?

Mike Higgins:  Somewhere in a gutter in the Vatican, a Cardinal is coming to and wondering who mugged him for his Holy Roman necklace.

The hat

Rebecca: This towering titfer knocks Pharrell’s effort into well, a cocked hat. The poise needed to carry it off is enviable.

Mike: It’s a busby, with a rim, and she’s standing guard at the gates of the fashion palace. Who goes there? So far, only Erykah and Pharrell.

The boots

Rebecca: Part go-go girl, part equestrian expert – an interesting take on military dress uniforms.

Mike: The jackboots of the ‘brutal dictator’  of Swaziland, King Mswati III, whom Badu recently performed for? Probably not.

The sweater

Rebecca: A super glam take on a casual item; jokes about Christmas turkeys  and marathon runners abound but I have  a feeling Badu will laugh last.

Mike: I won’t have the last laugh – I’m left with a half-formed notion about ‘Blake’s 7’ which Erykah,  I dare say, is not  quite up on.