Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse fashion ambassador Alexa Chung’s latest ‘eclectic’ look


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The Hat

Gemma Hayward: She does have a penchant for dressing like an overgrown child, but Chung's pulled off the private- schoolgirl beret with finesse here. Gold star for Alexa!

Hugh Montgomery: Somewhere between a beret and a shower cap lies the perfect hat for communing with jellyfish. But media sharks? Not so sure.

The top

Gemma: Is she getting in the Olympic spirit by wearing a sweatshirt? Or does she know that the sports-luxe trend is still going strong? The latter, I suspect. Gold medal for Alexa! Hugh: This hunter- green sweater is slouchy but not bulgy, which is impressive but not logical.

The skirt

Gemma: The leather adds a tough touch. Now all she needs is a bit of meat on those legs – she must be cold. Gold tights for Alexa? Hugh: "Should you do summer leather?" some outlets have gasped about this skirt. Which seems beside the point, given those spelunkingly deep pockets to consider.

The accessories

Gemma: When you're that beautiful, all you need for a night out is a small clutch to carry lippy, fags and phone. Gold zips for Alexa!

Hugh: To be clear, that's a Louis Vuitton bag completing an LV ensemble for an LV store opening? Sometimes the vagaries of fashion are beyond even this column.