The jacket/shirt

Gemma Hayward: The loose-fitting T-shirt/masculine overcoat combo works well and fits Fearne's rocker aesthetic.

Hugh Montgomery: The dour mid-1990s student top-half perfectly accessorises that non-plussed "uh"; given the subject's usual pathological enthusement, this is all excellent work.

The accessories

Gemma: Top marks for the sunnies, though not the Bros earrings and tan handbag. A rock chick's handbag must always be black. Fact.

Hugh: And, lo, another falls victim to the season's biggest fashion squizz – John Lennon sunglasses being suitable only for making labradors look more amusing.

The shoes

Gemma: Brothel creepers must be left to the young unless they happen to be from the Comme des Garçons stable. Unfair but true.

Hugh: Snakeskin and leopard print? It's as though she's been possessed by a Newbury department store and we appreciate her so much more for it.

The trousers

Gemma: It would have been better had these python-print trousers been skinny, both to offset the scaled-up top half and avoid pyjama territory.

Hugh: Damn her for having the luxury of wearing snakeskin trousers to the office and not feeling like Geri at a Spice Girls reunion. (We love.)