Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse Felicity Kendal’s Dietrich-meets-Rat Pack ensemble


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: She's looking sweet with a smoky eye, a big smile and kooky and well-cut hair. Someone's been enjoying the Good Life.

Hugh Montgomery: Full disclosure: we love her so much, we sit through whole episodes of Rosemary & Thyme. Fact: that hair is the quintessence of Flickiness.

The oufit

Gemma: The sharp-edged monochrome wardrobe, perfectly pressed masculine flourish, leather and nail polish… is she channelling Karl Lagerfeld?

Hugh: Ladies of Vogue, you need to make the men's untied bow tie a Thing sharpish: it's like Dietrich gone Dean Martin. Genius.

The accessories

Gemma: The black leather purse hanging from a silver chain is entirely of the moment. Not so the flesh-coloured butterfly brolly, which betrays a gentler heart.

Hugh: Now this is someone who knows how to do umbrellas: never stubby and portable, always jauntily wrapped around arm.

The boots

Gemma: These are kind of cool in an ugly way, busting the nice-girl image and adding length to the leg.

Hugh: A revision to our previous disclosure: we love Felicity Kendal so much, we are able to describe these boots as "imaginative".