The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: That wash-at-home shade of henna red has become Florence's beauty trademark. But though her make-up is expertly applied, she'd do well to wear less top-lid liner and open up her eyes a little.

Hugh Montgomery: The vaguely helmet-y hair. The Pantene power glossiness. The pouty froideur. Where Flo was once a graveyard-dancing paragon of witchy-wooness, this is a face that has "mature artiste" written all over it.

The accessories

Gemma: When this outfit was shown on the Milan catwalk, it was styled with an oversized ribbon bow tie; thankfully, Flo has opted for a more demure brooch.

Hugh: These cocktail rings suggest Flo's future as the Dame of Pop: not the pantomime variety, but the venerable artistic kind, elevated to national treasurehood and swathed in the merchandise of Hampstead boutiques.

The shoes

Gemma: This is a bit play-it-safe; a brightly coloured heel or overtly embellished courts would have made more of a fashion statement.

Hugh: Flo's always happy when the shoes are off, which might explain her awkwardness in these Louboutins. We don't know whether to give that perpendicular right leg a cushion or its own Twitter feed.

The suit

Gemma: If Florence's stage outfits used to look Topshop, these days she's more at home in Gucci or McQueen. No surprise, then, that she chose this very un-rock'n'roll outfit for the NMEs: Moschino rather than Motörhead.

Hugh: For someone who aspires to crypticness, this trouser-suit's play for flower-power hippiness is rather too try-hard literal. Just be glad she left the purple-haze fascinator at home.