Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse Gemma Arterton's haircut - coming to a salon near you!


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The make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: It's not easy to pull off this natural, sun-kissed look, but being mesmerisingly pretty sure does help.

Mike Higgins: Such fripperies as 'mesmerising prettiness' will not divert my steely gaze from those lips, those eyes… Sorry, where was I?

The hair

Rebecca: A subtle flick and just the right amount of volume make this an inspiring do – will we see a generation of women ask their hairdresser for 'the Gemma'?

Mike Higgins: Impressively uni-directional. But do people really ask for a haircut by celeb name? Like, really really?

The outfit

Rebecca: Oh dear, from the neck up Arterton looks amazing, but this skirt should have been left to its duty as a lampshade.

Mike: The hemlines are a bit blunt, aren't they, after that lovely hairstyle. And quite revealing. But I repeat: 'steely gaze'…

The shoes

Rebecca: Am I the only one who thinks that ribbon-tied shoes make the wearer look like they're offering their feet as a gift of some sort? Really, they shouldn't have.

Mike: If you type 'Gemma Arterton' into Google, the first auto-suggested search term to pop up is 'feet'. Hmm.