Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Gwen Stefani's out-to-launch look


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The necklace

Gemma Hayward: Clashing's her thing, so while you and I wouldn't necessarily wear a statement necklace against a graphic print, she totally gets away with it. It works with her hair pulled up, too.

Hugh Montgomery: Rather like my teenage self trying to mask his overly emphatic body odour with over-liberal amounts of Lynx Africa, Gwen's attempt to deflect from the garishness of her suit has sadly only compounded the issue.

The hair

Gemma: A top knot, worn in this way is what all the fashionable girls are doing. It's that "I don't care about my hair" hair, which actually just proves you do. But it suits her beautiful face and she pulls off platinum better than most.

Hugh: Here's Gwen at the launch of her kids' clothing line, which is great – after all, what tyke hasn't been waiting to channel their inner glam-hipster? With those locks, however, this top-knot is as harsh as a Maggie Smith aperçu.

The suit

Gemma: Somehow, she manages to look understated in this printed two-piece, maybe because she's stuck to monochrome and the silhouette is slim and flattering. And flashing off her tummy after two kids? That's just showing off!

Hugh: Good on this adopted Londoner for displaying her allegiance to our fine sitcom tradition with this prescient tribute to the soon-returning Ab Fab. After all, what is this mesmerising ensemble but one of Eddy's trouser-suits after a quick crop job?

The shoes

Gemma: Obviously not dancing-all-night shoes, but these strappy sandals are the right choice for the outfit– she'd look totally out of character with some dainty ballet pumps or girly peep toes. Miss Stefani looks great from top to toe.

Hugh: Phew! Finally a chance to take a breather, as we reach these vaguely gladiator-esque platforms. They are, to use the correct parlance, nice. That is all.