Youthful style and bright colours: Hailee Steinfeld / Rex Features


The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: A beehive may have been too much with this 1960s-inspired dress, but wearing her hair up would have helped tie the look together.

Mike Higgins: She's just relieved those pigtails she had to endure in 'True Grit' didn't cause permanent damage.

The make-up

Rebecca: Youth is wasted on the young – and so is such a heavily smoky eye. She's not trying to sneak into a nightclub.

Mike: Listen hard and you might just hear the make-up artist, off-camera, hissing at her: 'If I give you vamp, you do vamp! Lose the grin.'

The shoes

Rebecca: There's something a bit ballerina-y about these – perhaps it's the straps. But such a sharp toe misses the point of the groovy dress.

Mike: I don't mind the pointy toe, but that ankle strap looks more like strapping – are they trying to correct her gait?

The dress

Rebecca: An almost perfect under-18s red-carpet dress: youthful style and bright colours are winners. But those leather cuffs are a bit much.

Mike: It's an Emma Peel look with a school second XI hockey pose – and God love her for that…