Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse Her Royal Highness's purple reign


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The coat

Rebecca Gonsalves: The country's greatest proponent of dress coats, and this one matches not only her hat and dress, but her lippy, too.

Mike Higgins: The Queen co-ordinates like Rafa Nadal plays clay-court tennis: victoriously and relentlessly. Game, set and matchy-matchy.

The hat

Rebecca: No pretzel twists or flying saucers for her Maj, a millinery purist if ever there was one – well, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown and all that.

Mike: More helmet than hat, the flourish to an ensemble that is a magenta suit of armour.

The gloves

Rebecca: All those grubby hands to shake, no wonder she always wears gloves; such a shame she doesn't mix things up once in a while with a cocktail ring or two.Mike: A throwback to an age when to be seen outside without hat and gloves indicated disgrace or derangement!

The dress

Rebecca: If I had ever been in Sandringham, I could tell you if this was cobbled together from the loo curtains. But I haven't. Yet.

Mike: She has five specially trained corgis stand on one another's shoulders to deal with the zips on her dresses. Fact.