Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Jared Leto's black and white and red all over Oscars look


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The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: Dubbed 'hombre' by some clever person, Leto's dip-dyed locks are almost as beautiful as his face.

Hugh Montgomery: If the tedious slog of Oscar campaign season benefited from anything this year, it was Jared Leto's hair.

The bow tie

Rebecca: An oversized red dicky bow is the sort of attire usually favoured by a creepy uncle, but here it looks positively charming.

Hugh: There is no sadder evidence of time's cruel passage than Jordan Catalano turning into Pee Wee Herman.

The trousers/shoes

Rebecca: My what big feet you have, Jared? All the better to dance the night away with Lupita Nyong'o – now there's a winning combination.

Hugh: High-waisted slacks would have finished off the 'quirkily credible actor look' nicely. Just a thought.

The jacket

Rebecca: A white tuxe at a formal event can leave you looking like the help, but the slightly softer shape of this St Laurent number helps.

Hugh: This would have won the night's 'best white tux' award, but for McConaughey. Seriously, does the McConaissance know no bounds?