In the pink: Joanna Lumley at the Chelsea Flower Show / Rex Features


The hat/make up

Rebecca Gonsalves: Lumley's most famous character loves a good drink, so perhaps the Tequila Sunrise effect on this Panama is a raised glass to Patsy.

Hugh Montgomery: "Matching Eyeshadow to Hat is the newest Whimsy in Make-up": so said The Milwaukee Journal in 1944 (thanks Google) and we can't say better than that.

The top

Rebecca: It's rather hard to identify the motif on this busy blouse – it might depict the Taurean's zodiac sign – or is that a load of bull?

Hugh: A top that subscribes to the principle that when one is at the Chelsea Flower Show, one does not allow those attention-seeking blooms a look-in.

The trousers

Rebecca: Pink may make the boys wink, but in this migraine-inducing volume I think they're more likely to be wincing.

Hugh: Absolutely fabulous. We weren't going to get through this critical analysis without mentioning that, right?

The shoes

Rebecca: I'm slightly disappointed she didn't go the whole hog with a pair of hot pink slippers.

Hugh: We've sussed it: she's basically essaying the sartorial role of the Cotswold auntie who likes to get squiffy at Christmas and do Angelina Ballerina impressions.