Depp, right, with the more soberly dressed Tim Burton / REX


The hat

Gemma Hayward: He looks like a deranged cowboy, but it's good to see he's taking the global traveller trend seriously.

Hugh Montgomery: You'd think this is par-for-the-kook, but research reveals his next film is The Lone Ranger. He's not just high cheekbones and WEIRD vocal INFLECTIONS, y'know.

The jacket/waistcoat

Gemma: The waistcoat is straight out of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, while the jacket is pure The Wild One. The end result is perhaps best described as charmingly eclectic. Hugh: Or, less cine-literately, "sophisticated Hells Angel meets early-period Boyzone". And hurrah for that.

The trousers/shoes

Gemma: Johnny's black jeans look like they would be more at home at the school gates – not to mention on a woman. As for the boots... he's the real, cattle-rustling deal. Not.

Hugh: Ah, now here is a look we are all too familiar with: skew-whiff belt, flayed boots and jeans whose errant crotch-bulge leaves others wondering, "Are you happy to see me or did you just go to H&M?"

The accessories

Gemma: Johnny's look is so heavily accessorised he might be mistaken for a walking, talking market stall. Two, three, or maybe even four for the price of one. Lovely jubbly.

Hugh: WARNING: wearing enough tat to create your own BBC1 daytime show should only be attempted by those in possession of a co-ordinate amount of extreme public goodwill.