Margulies has come over with a case of 'Saturday Night Fever' / Rex Features



Rebecca Gonsalves: The higher the hair, the closer to God is not a tenet you'd expect Ms Margulies to live by, but it's all the better to show off those wonderful eyebrows.

Hugh Montgomery: We personally liked the Nurse Hathaway curls but hey, even as we hum TLC's "Waterfalls", we appreciate you can't live in 1995 forever.


Rebecca: Kinda naff, but the fact it's accessorised with the happiest smile ever makes my Grinch-y fashion heart grow three sizes.

Hugh: Surely everyone knows that if you wear a white tux, you need to wear it backwards, Celine Dion-style, or be found wanting.


Rebecca: Not exactly an earth-shattering choice, but perfect for accentuating her dance moves should she come over with a case of 'Saturday Night Fever'.

Hugh: The kind of uselessly prosaic accessory that makes us lose faith in this vocation of ours.


Rebecca: Chandelier earrings are a surprisingly romantic choice that are steered into 'maid of honour' territory by such a plump bun.

Hugh: From 'Good Wife' to Pat Butcher? No. Too obvious. They're great.