Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Julianne Moore's red-carpet swooshy spark


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The hair/ make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: Natural skin and flowing polished locks: luckily she's radiant enough to pull off such a low-key look, emphasised only by a sultry, smoke eye.

Hugh Montgomery: Obviously bloody wonderful, although we think someone might have just brought up 'Nine Months', judging by the facial expression.

The dress

Rebecca: This clean, serene and oh-so-lean Givenchy gown is a far cry from the attention-grabbing antics of young Hollywood, yet I dare you to look away.

Hugh: OK, so we love Julianne, want to be Julianne and this is all becoming a bit painful now, so let's just stop.

The jewellery

Rebecca: If you're going to say it with diamonds, you might as well get Harry Winston to shout it from the rooftops for you with a knuckle-duster.

Hugh: A sparkler deserving of some serious awards-season action.

The bag

Rebecca: Sequinned shark-tooth motif on a box-frame bag is way more Dagenham dog-track than anything worthy of La Moore's clutch.

Hugh: Totally Peggy Mitchell. Has Babs Windsor usurped Liz and Maggie as Hollywood's latest Brit lady icon of choice, perchance?